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Available on any devices either Windows or MacOS, enjoy our services with no worries. First, download the software and then install to manage your cloud.

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We make it simple and wasy for you. Instant aaccess to your files on smartphone, tablet or computer easily without boundaries. Once your file uploaded, you can reach your files no matter where you are.

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Now we make it easier for you to upload, just drag whatever you want and drop it inside.


We provide the simplest yet fascinating UI design for a better experience.

What can
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Intelligent Cloud storage is a new concept in cloud computing model that allows faster information deployment, easy management and increase productivity.

We Are Giving

One Year of 2GB Free

Sometimes we need a free storage that can keep our files for a while. We don't talk about a week of free space, we're talking about to give you 12 months of 2GB free trial. Simply sign up to get 2GB space for free!

A space to store files within 365 days. Sign up and get it for free!!

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