A new concept in cloud computing model that allows faster
information deployment, easy management and increase productivity.

Systematic appearance to optimize productivity concern

  • File Backup & Recovery

    Cloud storage gives your business to share and collaborate on files securely.

  • Security & Encryption

    Protect your business data with high security features. We secure your confidential files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

  • Link Permissions

    Password protect your links, disable downloads or set expiration dates to grant temporary access.

  • Team Folder Manager

    Get visibility and control over team folders, including sync management.

  • Speed Upload & Download

    Upload & download can be simple for your business matter. It only takes a few minutes to get or share your files.

  • Multiple Devices

    Reach your files on your smartphone, tablet or computer at the same time. It's user-friendly.

Cloud Articles

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